In the same way nobody expected the impact that COVID had on our world, most owners do not expect the unexpected as they begin a construction project. But as we have learned, one of the only things we can count on lately is that the unexpected is sure to happen! You cannot always know what you don’t know about a project before you start – that’s where the EDiS Building Information Modeling (BIM) team comes in.

BIM is a sophisticated technology that brings certainty to construction projects. Used in almost all phases of a project, BIM enables the design team, constructor, and owner to work together with a 3-D generated model of the building prior to actual construction. The BIM team builds the entire building and its systems in a virtual space. This takes the planning, building, and operating phases to a much more productive level with accurate data pre-construction that translates into real savings in time, money, and utility for the owner.

This technology is used in conjunction with laser-scanning equipment that can accurately track an entire building layout. Out-dated floor plans and old buildings often means clients work with inaccurate information, increasing the uncertainty and the chances of finding unexpected things midway through a project. These unanticipated challenges can cause change orders and errors that require time and money to fix. Utilizing BIM technology, the team can accurately detect potential clashes between different trades before they happen. Has the design accidentally called for the plumbing pipes to cross the same exact space as the electrical wiring? Did it count on that hidden chimney running through the wall where a cooling unit was supposed to go? Perhaps the original calculations for an excavation project had the digging position marked slightly off due to unforeseen conditions.

Ultimately, one never truly knows what lies ahead unless they have actual data to prove it. BIM technology allows for accurate pre-planning of a project, start to finish. It can help one figure out what they didn’t know they didn’t know. Before March 2020 and after, the EDiS BIM team has been making sure our clients enter a project armed with the knowledge they need to avoid the unexpected.