Georgetown Elementary School Parapet Coping

As part of the addition on to the Georgetown Elementary School, the project team needed documentation of the dimensions of a coping that was two stories up. Traditional methods to gain those measurements would have involved erection of scaffolding, and using a lift to manually get someone up to measure the coping by hand. Luckily, EDiS had a better way.

EDiS BIM Services used the Faro Laser Scanner to scan the exterior façade for the roofing contractor. Laser scanning not only solved the measuring challenge, it enabled the team to prepare a drawing of the parapet and to issue documentation for fabricating the new metal coping.

The scanned documentation created an accurate as-built 3D point cloud model of the condition of the masonry edge. In this case, the existing masonry edge was sloped, which would have created additional challenges for a person measuring with traditional tools but proved to be no problem for the scanner.

The Georgetown Elementary School point cloud model was used to create an actual 3D model using Revit software. The model was then used to create a dimensioned drawing for the roofing contractor to order his new coping. Based on traditional knowledge, the roofing contractor had allocated four hours for the coping installation; thanks to the extraordinarily accurate dimensioning of the coping by the laser scanner, the installation took only a quarter of that time. The roofing contractor attributed this timesavings to the coping “fitting like a glove.”

Finding new and innovative uses for the laser scanner continues to save EDiS customers time and money on projects, from the simplest to the most complex.

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