Saving Time and Money

EDiS BIM Services has found many unexpected and beneficial uses of the Lidar Laser Scanner that add significant value to the design and construction process. One example can be seen in a recent fit-out of a laboratory space within a complex structure that had a critical construction coordination schedule.

The EDiS BIM Services team used the Lidar technology to expedite the schedule. The BIM team’s scope included 3D modeling of all mechanical piping and special laboratory piping, and the coordination of both new and existing duct within the contracted space. While on the surface the project appeared to be a standard laboratory piping project, it had several challenges: there were no background building plans available, and the schedule was very compressed. The Lidar Laser Scanner technology allowed us to create an accurate 3D background by building a point cloud file. This eliminated the lengthy on-site survey time that would traditionally have been required. It also eliminated the need for the original building plans.

The laser scanning and application of data took a total of two days, or eight hours. Traditional survey and evaluation/application of data could have taken close to 30 hours, more than 80% longer. The saving of that time and the use of the Lidar Laser Scanner data in the fabrication process expedited the fabrication process and kept the project on schedule.

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