3D Modeling

3D building modeling gives owners accurate information about their building long after construction is completed


Focusing on assessing the owner’s BIM needs for their planned buildings

Drone Aerial Photography

Adds value to projects by giving the owner, builder, and design team peace of mind

Laser Scanning

Lidar Laser 3D scanning reduces survey labor time by 80%

More than a century of construction expertise and support for

our virtual building services of today.

We Deliver Certainty.


EDiS Company has been a construction industry leader since 1908. Working to stay ahead of the curve, EDiS Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services leverages EDiS’ thorough understanding of the construction process to continually innovate and transform our practices, delivery methods, processes, and technologies.

EDiS BIM Services champions forward thinking for construction technology, BIM, and Virtual Design Construction (VDC), and believes in being true specialists in the BIM field. We have a deep knowledge of the construction industry complete with trade contractor experience, hands-on BIM modeling, coordination, and fabrication expertise. Our BIM process save owners’ time and money, delivering a virtual experience within the planned building design.

The infrastructure developed by EDiS BIM Services serves clients nationwide at a higher capacity level through cloud-based interactions. Our staff is educated and trained in the United States, and our work is performed in our United States-based offices.


Square Feet Modeled

Clashes Resolved

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Build Efficiently

We can help you save time and increase your project’s productivity, leaving money in your pocket.

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What We Offer

Our Virtual Building Services

BIM Services Team

20+ years of BIM experience on a variety of projects

  • Virtual Construction Building
  • Architectural shop drawings
  • Mechanical system fabrication
  • Field Point layout
  • Laser Scanning
  • Point cloud stitching
  • Clash detection & resolution
  • BIM software management
  • BIM Consulting to the AEC industry

BIM News / Blog

See what we’re up to at EDiS BIM Services

The New Wave of Construction

EDiS Company has been a construction leader since 1908. Evolving over more than a century, EDiS has continually innovated and transformed our practices, delivery methods, processes, and technologies. To solidify this, six years ago EDiS Building Information Modeling...

Schaefer’s Canal House Expansion

Technology and Creativity Partner for Solutions According to the owners, Schaefer’s Canal House in Chesapeake City, Maryland, while steeped with local history, is more than just a restaurant and marina. It is a place where people from all walks of life come to share...

Laser Scan to Fabrication

Georgetown Elementary School Parapet Coping As part of the addition on to the Georgetown Elementary School, the project team needed documentation of the dimensions of a coping that was two stories up. Traditional methods to gain those measurements would have involved...

Lidar Laser Scanner

Saving Time and Money EDiS BIM Services has found many unexpected and beneficial uses of the Lidar Laser Scanner that add significant value to the design and construction process. One example can be seen in a recent fit-out of a laboratory space within a complex...


See what we’re up to at EDiS BIM Services